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www.pitscottie.org is the web page for and about the village of Pittscottie, Fife; near St Andrews and Cupar in Scotland.

The Pittscottie Forum is now available for discussion of all items relevant to Pitscottie.

Visit: Ceres, Kemback and Springfield Parish Church

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Community Council

Have your say in the life of the community.  The Community Council is the first line of local government and is here to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the villages for all residents.

Virtual Pitscottie

View the village with an interactive 360° panoramic scene.

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Lots of links to local information ...


St Andrews

Blebo Craigs


Around Fife

Fife Pages
Kingdom of Fife Tourist Board

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Local Business

The Flag House B&B

Harvey McGuire's Restaurant and Delicatessen

White Chimneys Sandwich Bar

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